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About Dina

Dina’s dedication to delivering premium results to each and every client she comes in contact with has proven itself to be unrelenting and uncompromised. She has shown great commitment to delivering a hands-on personalized experience to ensure her clients success. Dina’s reputation for impeccable service and skillful negotiation has earned her praise from clientele worldwide as well as a feature in Pasadena magazine.

Prior to her work as a real estate agent, Dina worked as a manager in the banking industry, building up experience in management and customer service. After her time as a bank manager Dina decided to pursue a career in real estate and has proven to be a powerful force in her field. In her 1st of 4 years as a real estate agent she was given the Rookie Agent of the Year award for her dedication and ability to drive results. Her hardwork in her 2nd and 3rd years of working in the real estate industry earned her the Top Growth award and the title Most Influential, respectively. Not only has she been able to bring together a group of real estate agents to work in her corporation, DG Estates, she also has acted as a mentor at Keller Williams, where she dedicated her efforts to teaching other agents how they too can build their businesses from the ground up. Finally, Dina’s caring nature has been put on full display through her allocation of time to arranging charity events aimed at aiding families of the Pasadena school district in stabilizing the environment in which its students live.

Through experience and uncompromised efforts Dina Corchado has proven herself to be the best of the best when it comes to providing clients with informed, reliable service that can always be counted on.