Buy With BOT Program (BWB)

Buying a home can sometimes be a frustrating experience.​

Choosing the right real estate agent is essential for creating a pleasant experience. At BOT Real Estate, we build better agents by not only building their knowledge base, but also improving their negotiation skills to work in your favor as a consumer. We teach them to educate you as the consumer on how the process of buying a home works. We believe in being 100% transparent with our clients.

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Sell With BOT Program (SWB)

Selling your home is a very big move.​

If not done properly, it is possible that you could incur additional costs and even leave money on the table, so to speak. At BOT Real Estate, we provide you with a Professional Market Analysis that lets you know how much your home is worth from a professional standpoint. At BOT Real Estate, our primary goal is to transform your home into a highly marketable asset in order to maximize your profit potential. Not only will we do that, but we will negotiate the BEST possible terms of sale for your home, and professionally advise our clients on what offers work BEST for them.

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BOT Wealth Management Program (BWM)

Take your portfolio to the next level.​

This program was created for our clients who are not avid real estate investors, but have the desire to grow their real estate property portfolios to the next level. We advise our clients on how to achieve their goals by properly utilizing leveraging techniques to realize financial gains and establishing passive income.

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R.O. Home Loans

RO Home Loans is a sister company of BOT Enterprises, which operates BOT Real Estate.​

At RO Home Loans, we provide our clients with the necessary information to make an informed decision. We are completely transparent with our fees. We believe that transparency is the key to creating a long lasting relationship with our clients. We are a relationship oriented business. Please click on the following link to inquire about a new home loan.

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